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Interstate Registration Service


Interstate will take care of your audits. We can provide information to the state, or we can host the audit. By allowing Interstate to handle the entire audit, you benefit from our years of experience in working with state officials. You are the trucking expert; we are the state regulation experts.

Interstate can audit your mileage records to ensure you are in compliance with state requirements. By having an internal audit conducted, you can determine the potential liability on a state audit. Are you 100% sure of current records? You could be if you are using Interstate!


State laws are complex and constantly changing. There are options. These options depend on your unique situation. You should consider things like sales tax, operational areas, vehicle sizes, and location of facilities when determining your base state and permitting areas. Knowing your options allows you to make the best management decisions. Do you know what your options are?

An experienced review of your titling, licensing, and permitting procedures may produce surprising results. Interstate has customers in almost every state. We have the experience to see beyond the "Easy way out" solution, which can open new cost savings options for your operation. Just how sure are you that you are paying the lowest legal tax?

Revised: 08 November 1999