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Fuel & Mileage Tax Reporting

Interstate will complete your tax reports accurately and on time.

Interstate was the first US based company to utilize a program that computed costs by company, fleet, and unit with each based on their own mpg. Even today, only a few companies use this type of program. Our programs allow you to know exactly how each unit in your fleet is performing. We have an array of management programs that you can utilize to manage your fleet and spot potential problems.

Information from your driver trip records is inputted into our program by skilled data entry operators, who are only focused on data entry of trip records. These dedicated operators allow us to process your current DTRs instead of having you conform to ours.

Refunds are filed for and pursued for your benefit. If the state owes you money, we collect as fast as possible. It is your money, and you deserve it back!

Revised: 4 April 1999